Weekly Taiji Classes Starting Soon...

Starting in November, Dr. McCann will be teaching Taiji classes in East Hanover every Sunday morning. The system we will work on is the Hunyuan Style of Taijiquan. Hunyuan Taijiquan (T'ai Chi Ch'uan), also known as Chen Style Hunyuan Taiji (陳氏混元太極拳), is a traditional system of martial arts and self-cultivation. It is a branch of Chen Style Taiji that was developed by Feng Zhiqiang (馮志強), one of the greatest practitioners and teachers of Chen Taiji during the 20th century. Master Feng was one of the top disciples of Chen Fa Ke, the first person to teach Chen Taiji openly in China.

Hunyuan Taiji is unique in that it seeks the original roots of Taiji practice by reintegrating Qigong into form movements, and emphasizing circular movements and other movement strategies that embody Yin-Yang theory. Practice includes the exploration of key basic postures (the 8 Postures of Taijiquan), solo forms (including short simplified forms, and the original long form of Chen Taiji), Cannon Fist forms (fast forms), weapons practice, and self-defense applications of the forms. The curriculum also includes extensive push hands practice and Silk Reeling exercise

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